Survivor: Indonesia "Papua"
Game Statistics
Season: 1
Location: Papua, Indonesia
Filming Dates: January 10, 2010 - February 23, 2010
Castaways: 16
Sole Survivor: Sugar Kiper
Tribes: Numfor Numfor
Yapen Yapen
MiosNum Mios Num

Survivor: Indonesia "Papua" is the first season of the Saga Survivor Series. The game was played from January 10, 2010 through February 23, 2010 and premiered on May 16, 2012. Hosted by dust1330, it consisted of 42 days of gameplay with 16 competitors. The two initial tribes were Numfor (yellow) and Yapen (green) - names come from locations in Papua -. They were eventually merged into the Mios Num (name of the tribe given by the Host) tribe when ten contestants remained. The winner, Sugar Kiper, was named Sole Survivor after defeating Natalie White by a jury vote of 4-3.


List of Survivor: Indonesia "Papua" contestants
Contestant Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Played By Finish
Alexis Jones
24, Los Angeles, California
Numfor ?? 16th
Laura Morett
39, Salem, Oregon
Numfor ?? 15th
Gabriel Cade
23, Celo, North Carolina
Numfor ?? 14th
Scout Cloud Lee
59, Stillwater, Oklahoma
Yapen ?? 13th
Tyson Apostol
29, Provo, Utah
Numfor Numfor ?? 12th
Charlie Herschel
29, New York City, New York
Yapen Yapen ?? 11th
Jenna Lewis
26, Franklin, New Hampshire
Yapen Numfor Mios Num ?? 10th
Anthony Robinson
32, Compton, California
Yapen Yapen Mios Num ?? 9th
Todd Herzog
22, Pleasant Grove, Utah
Yapen Numfor Mios Num ?? 8th
Erik Cardona
28, Ontario, California
Yapen Numfor Mios Num ?? 7th
Jerri Manthey
33, Los Angeles, California
Numfor Numfor Mios Num ?? 6th
Brian Heidik
34, Quartz Hill, California
Numfor Yapen Mios Num ?? 5th
Stephannie Favor
35, Columbia, South Carolina
Yapen Yapen Mios Num ?? 4th
Nathan "Nate" Gonzalez
26, Los Angeles, California
Numfor Yapen Mios Num ?? 3rd
Natalie White
26, Van Buren, Arkansas
Yapen Numfor Mios Num ?? Runner-Up
Sugar Kiper
29, Brooklyn, New York
Numfor Yapen Mios Num ?? Sole Survivor

Season SummaryEdit

The season began with the contestants divided in two tribes : Numfor and Yapen. On Numfor, Tyson quickly formed alliances with almost everyone. He made an individual alliance with Jerri, then pulled in Nate & Sugar. After that, he made alliances with Brian and Laura separately, giving him complete control of his tribe and leaving Gabriel & Alexis on the outs. Sugar and Nate also had a strong romantic bond. They won all first three rewards, but also lost the first three immunity challenges. Alexis was the target, and she sealed her fate when she asked her tribe to vote her out. Laura's lack of sociability with the rest of the tribe did her in the following tribal council, and Gabriel was voted out next for being on the outsiders.

On Yapen, there was a rivalry between Anthony & Charlie. An alliance between Anthony, Stephannie and Jenna was formed, and the tensions at camp divided the tribe in two. Anthony pulled in Scout, which gave him four people on his side, and the other four were against him. In their first tribal council, the divisions were so clear that they were forced to draw rocks. Scout got the purple rock and was voted out.

The tribe then switched, and new Numfor consisted of Jenna, Natalie, Erik, Todd from old Yapen and Jerri/Tyson from old Numfor. Feeling like the merge was around the corner, Jenna decided to throw the immunity challenge. However, the rest of the tribe did not agree with it, and the divisions from the old Yapen made her a target. She succeeded to throw the immunity challenge, and nearly went home when Natalie switched her mind at the last minute to vote out Tyson for his arrogance at tribal council. The new Yapen tribe consisted of Sugar/Brian/Nate from old Numfor, and Anthony/Stephannie/Charlie from old Yapen. The rivalry between Anthony and Charlie was still in play, and the tribe decided to throw the challenge as well to eliminate Charlie, which went down without a problem.

On day 19, the tribes merged. Over the time, a close alliance between Nate, Sugar and Natalie was formed, while the rest of the merged tribe was already pitted against each other. Natalie also made it her mission to screw over her entire original tribe, and in the exception of Stephannie, the entire original Yapen were systematically voted out without realizing it. It started with Jenna, followed by Anthony, Todd, and Erik.

On day 32, Jerri was evacuated from the game for medical reasons just before tribal council because of Hypoglycemia. The game continued with just five people remaining : Brian, Stephannie, Sugar, Nate and Natalie. Before the immunity challenge, Nate made a deal with Stephannie, asking her to throw it for him, and if she accepted, she would be spared. She accepted the deal, and after Nate won immunity, Brian was voted out.

The last person that was in Nate/Sugar/Natalie's alliance way was Stephannie, and when she lost the immunity challenge, she was voted out without a chance to fight back. Now that the threesome alliance was remaining, they had to fight against each other. Nate threw the last immunity challenge thinking both girls would take him to the end, but when Sugar won, she backstabbed him to take Natalie to the final two.

Facing the jury, Sugar and Natalie were grilled by the jurors back and forth. It seemed like Natalie had it in the bag, until the last juror to speak, Todd, decided to go against Natalie for backstabing him. Sugar was then voted to be the Sole Survivor in a close vote of 4-3.

Episode GuideEdit

  • Reward invitees are in brackets.
Episodes Title from: Original air date Challenge winner(s) Eliminated Finish
# Title Reward Immunity
1 "I am a Southern Princess" Natalie May 16, 2012 Numfor Yapen Alexis 1st voted out
Day 3
2 "Seeming a Little Controlling" Stephannie May 23, 2012 Numfor Yapen Laura 2nd voted out
Day 6
3 "Losing is not an Option" Tyson May 30, 2012 Numfor Yapen Gabriel 3rd voted out
Day 9
4 "Divisions are Obvious" Charlie June 6, 2012 Yapen Numfor Scout 4th voted out
Day 12
5 "I Trust Myself Second" Nate June 13, 2012 Yapen Yapen Tyson 5th voted out
Day 15
6 "Worse Than High School" Sugar June 20, 2012 Yapen Numfor Charlie 6th voted out
Day 18
7 "Three Sets of Threesome" Natalie June 27, 2012 - Sugar Jenna 7th voted out
Day 21
8 "Mission to Screw All of Them" Natalie July 4, 2012 - Natalie Anthony 8th voted out
1st jury member
Day 24
9 "I Need to Scramble" Stephannie July 29, 2012 - Erik Todd 9th voted out
2nd jury member
Day 26
Stephannie Erik 10th voted out
3rd jury member
Day 29
10 "One Less Person" Stephannie July 18, 2012 Sugar {Nate} Brian Jerri 11th eliminated
4th jury member
Day 32
11 "A Backstab Might Happen" Brian July 25, 2012 Stephannie {Sugar} Nate Brian 12th voted out
5th jury member
Day 35
12 "A Sense Of Loyalty" Sugar July 29, 2012 - Nate Stephannie 13th voted out
6th jury member
Day 38
Sugar Nate 14th voted out
7th jury member
Day 41
13 "Reunion" July 30, 2012 Jury vote
Natalie Runner-up
Sugar Sole Survivor

Voting HistoryEdit


  • 1. A tie at tribal council forced the tribe to draw rocks. Scout was eliminated for drawing the purple rock.
  • 2. Jerri was evacuated from the game for medical reasons.

Voting History - Season 1
Original Tribes Switched Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9-A 9-B 10 11 12 Reunion
Eliminated: S1 Alexis
S1 Laura
S1 Gabriel
S1 Scout
S1 Tyson
S1 Charlie
S1 Jenna
S1 Anthony
S1 Todd
S1 Erik
S1 Jerri
S1 Brian
S1 Stephannie
S1 Nate
S1 Natalie
S1 Sugar
Vote Count: 7-1 6-1 4-2 4-4¹ 4-2 5-1 6-3-1 4-3-1-1 5-2-1 6-1 4-1 3-1 1-0 4-3
MiosNum Sugar Alexis Laura Gabriel Charlie Natalie Anthony Todd Erik Brian Stephannie Nate Jury Vote
MiosNum Natalie Anthony Tyson Jenna Brian Todd Erik Brian Stephannie
MiosNum Nate Alexis Laura Gabriel Charlie Jenna Anthony Todd Erik Brian Stephannie Sugar
MiosNum Stephannie Charlie Charlie Jerri Erik Todd Erik Brian Sugar Natalie
MiosNum Brian Alexis Laura Gabriel Charlie Jenna Anthony Todd Erik Sugar Natalie
MiosNum Jerri Alexis Laura Nate Jenna Anthony Anthony Stephannie Erik Sugar
MiosNum Erik Anthony Tyson Jenna Brian Stephannie Nate Natalie
MiosNum Todd Anthony Tyson Jenna Brian Brian Sugar
MiosNum Anthony Charlie Charlie Jerri Jerri Sugar
MiosNum Jenna Charlie Tyson Jerri
Yapen Charlie Anthony Anthony
Numfor Tyson Alexis Laura Gabriel Jenna
Yapen Scout Charlie
Numfor Gabriel Alexis Laura Nate
Numfor Laura Alexis Sugar
Numfor Alexis Gabriel