Survivor: Ethiopia
Game Statistics
Season: 3
Location: Ethiopia
Filming Dates: July 10, 2015 - August 31, 2015
Castaways: 16
Sole Survivor: Shirin Oskooi
Tribes: Chencha Chencha
Gorgora Gorgora
Hossana Hossana

Survivor : Ethiopia is the third season of the Saga Survivor Series. The game was played from July 10, 2015 through August 31, 2015 and episodes were released in september 2015. Hosted by iAsianCamel (formerly known as dust1330), it consisted of 39 days of gameplay with 16 competitors. The two initial tribes were Chencha (green) and Gorgora (dark red) - names come Ethiopian localities -. They were eventually merged into the Hossana tribe when ten contestants remained. The winner is Shirin Oskooi.


List of Survivor : Ethiopia contestants
Contestant Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Played By Finish
Alina Wilson
23, Downey, California
Chencha Chencha Hossana ? 4th
Artis Silvester
53, Terrytown, Louisiana
Gorgora Gorgora Hossana ? 9th
Robert "Bob" Crowley
57, Portland, Maine
Gorgora Chencha Hossana ? 10th
Brendan Synnott
30, New York City, New York
Chencha Gorgora Hossana ? 6th
Cassandra Franklin
42, Los Angeles, California
Gorgora Gorgora Hossana ? 3rd
Colby Donaldson
26, Dallas, Texas
Chencha Chencha Hossana ? Runner-Up
Erinn Lobdell
26, Waukesha, Wisconsin
Chencha Chencha Hossana ? 5th
Ethan Zohn
27, Lexington, Massachusetts
Chencha Chencha ? 12th
Keith Nale
53, Shreveport, Louisiana
Gorgora ? 16th
Ken Hoang
22, Westminster, California
Chencha Gorgora ? 11th
Morgan McLeod
21, San Jose, California
Chencha Gorgora Hossana ? 7th
Russell Hantz
38, Dayton, Texas
Gorgora ? 15th
Shirin Oskooi
31, San Francisco, California
Chencha Chencha Hossana ? Sole Survivor
Tina Wesson
52, Knoxville, Tennessee
Gorgora Gorgora Hossana ? 8th
Twila Tanner
41, Marshall, Missouri
Gorgora ? 14th
Wendy Jo DeSmidt-Kohlhoff
48, Fromberg, Montana
Gorgora ? 13th

Season SummaryEdit

The season began with Jeff Probst dividing the castaways in two tribes based on age : Chencha (younger tribe) and Gorgora (older tribe). During the first four rounds, the Chencha tribe have been dominating seven out of the eight challenges, including all immunities. Therefore, very little strategy has been happening at their camp, except an alliance slowly brewing between Alina, Brendan, Colby, and Erinn.

On the other hand, Gorgora were forced to go to all tribal councils. While an alliance between Artis, Bob, and Tina was controlling the votes, they based their decisions on challenge strength. They first eliminated, Keith, who screwed their first immunity challenge. Russell has been the next person voted out for not only being socially awkward, but also for being a major hindrance in challenges. On their third vote, they unanimously eliminated Twila for being the least social member. On their fourth tribal council, Cassandra and Wendy were on the chopping block. On one hand, Cassandra was stronger in challenges, while they had just included Wendy in their alliance. They decided to go for challenge strength, and they kept Cassandra.

At their next reward challenge, players had to race to a box that contained a bag of rice, and whoever grabbed it would win it for their tribe. On the way to that box, there would also be more boxes, and with one box for each players, all players could grab only one box back with them. They were told it contained something. Surprisingly, these boxes contained new buffs, and it was a surprise tribe shuffle. Only Tina, who won the rice, had a decision to make. She had to choose what tribe to join, and Bob would join the other tribe by default. She decided to go to the tribe with more members from her original tribes (3-3), and left Bob on his own with all original Chencha (5-1).

The Chencha tribe had the idea to throw their next two challenges in order to eliminate Ethan and Bob. After throwing the first challenge, Ethan was pulled out from the game for medical reasons, and the game continued without a tribal council. However, they failed at throwing their next challenge, forcing Gorgora to go to another tribal council. On one side, there were three original Gorgora, and on the other, three original Chencha. One of the Chencha members, Ken, decided it was time to flip, and he approached Artis and Tina to vote out Brendan. Cassandra disagreed to work with Ken because he did not approach her about his flip, so she convinced her former tribe to eliminate Ken in a 3-2-1 vote, and he was voted out.

On Day 19, the tribes merged with six people from the younger tribe, and four people from the older tribe. They were also announced that a hidden immunity idol was hidden at their camp, and when used after the votes were casted, all votes against them would not count. Alina had an alliance with every single young players, and that kept anyone from flipping. The older tribe were systematically eliminated one by one : Bob, Artis, Tina... until only Cassandra remained. With her back against the wall, she managed to win the final seven immunity challenge, and the younger tribe turned their backs on Morgan, the challenge threat. Once she was voted out, the next tribal council was cancelled because Brendan was evacuated for medical reasons.

On Final 5, Erinn found the hidden immunity idol, and with Cassandra being the obvious vote, she handed her the idol, so she could eliminate Shirin, who was Alina's goat. But while Erinn was plotting against them, Alina and Shirin also were plotting on Erinn, and while Cassandra played her hidden immunity idol, Erinn was blindsided. This vote shocked Colby, and he finally turned his back against the puppet master, Alina, by pulling a tie with Cassandra. For uncertain reasons, Alina dropped out from the tie-breaker, and Cassandra stayed alive.

Colby won the final immunity challenge, and feeling like he had a better chance against Shirin, who has been a goat the entire game, he eliminated Cassandra. The final two entered final tribal council with a bitter jury, who decided to declare Shirin Oskooi the winner in a 6-1 vote.

Episode GuideEdit

  • Reward invitees are in brackets.
Episodes Title from: Original air date Challenge winner(s) Eliminated Finish
# Title Reward Immunity
1 "Battle of The Ages" Jeff Probst September 1, 2015 Chencha Chencha Keith 1st voted out
Day 3
2 "A Little Socially Awkward" Artis September 2, 2015 Chencha Chencha Russell 2nd voted out
Day 6
3 "Such Low Spirits" Artis September 3, 2015 Chencha Chencha Twila 3rd voted out
Day 9
4 "A Perfect Metaphor" Artis September 4, 2015 Gorgora Chencha Wendy 4th voted out
Day 12
5 "A Temptation" Tina September 5, 2015 Tina (Gorgora) Gorgora Ethan 5th eliminated
Day 15
6 "Thirsty Enough For Merge" Brendan September 6, 2015 Chencha Chencha Ken 6th voted out
Day 18
7 "Elderly Genocide" Shirin September 7, 2015 - Artis Bob 7th voted out
Day 21
8 "Predictable Basic Bitches" Tina September 8, 2015 Erinn {Alina, Morgan} Shirin Artis 8th voted out
1st jury member
Day 24
9 "Six Headed Snake" Colby September 9, 2015 (Auction) Erinn Tina 9th voted out
2nd jury member
Day 26
Cassandra Morgan 10th voted out
3rd jury member
Day 28
10 "She Has Like Nine Lives" Colby September 10, 2015 Erinn {Colby} Colby Brendan 11th eliminated
4th jury member
Day 31
11 "Rainbow Over The Horizon" Erinn September 11, 2015 Erinn {Alina} Colby Erinn 12th voted out
5th jury member
Day 34
12 "Haters Gonna Hate" Colby September 12, 2015 - Colby Alina 13th voted out
6th jury member
Day 36
Colby Cassandra 14th voted out
7th jury member
Day 38
13 "Reunion" September 14, 2015 Jury vote
Colby Runner-up
Shirin Sole Survivor

Voting HistoryEdit


  • 1. Ethan was evacuated from the game for medical reasons.
  • 2. Brendan was evacuated from the game for medical reasons.
  • 3. Cassandra played a hidden immunity idol, and all votes casted against her did not count.

Voting History - Season 3
Original Tribes Switched Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9-A 9-B 10 11 12 Reunion
Eliminated: S3 Keith
S3 Russell
S3 Twila
S3 Wendy
S3 Ethan
S3 Ken
S3 Bob
S3 Artis
S3 Tina
S3 Morgan
S3 Brendan
S3 Erinn
S3 Alina
S3 Cassandra
S3 Colby
S3 Shirin
Vote Count: 6-1-1 6-1 5-1 4-1 3-2-1 6-4 6-2-1 6-2 4-2-1 (2)-2-1³ 2-2 1-0 6-1
Hossana Shirin Bob Cassandra Tina Morgan Erinn Cassandra Jury Vote
Hossana Colby Bob Artis Tina Morgan Cassandra Alina Cassandra
Hossana Cassandra Keith Russell Twila Wendy Ken Shirin Brendan Shirin Brendan Shirin Alina Shirin
Hossana Alina Bob Artis Tina Morgan Erinn Cassandra Shirin
Hossana Erinn Bob Artis Tina Morgan Cassandra Colby
Hossana Brendan Artis Bob Artis Tina Shirin Shirin
Hossana Morgan Artis Bob Artis Tina Shirin Shirin
Hossana Tina Keith Russell Twila Wendy Ken Shirin Artis Shirin Shirin
Hossana Artis Keith Russell Twila Wendy Ken Shirin Brendan Shirin
Hossana Bob Keith Russell Twila Wendy Shirin
Gorgora Ken Brendan
Chencha Ethan
Gorgora Wendy Keith Russell Twila Bob
Gorgora Twila Wendy Russell Tina
Gorgora Russell Keith Bob
Gorgora Keith Russell